THOMAS  ALLOM            AL  CWL

Thomas Allom was a well known Architect of his day and was employed by Fisher and Co to record the new country houses being built and the "updating"   of the older ones He recorded in watercolour and was much travelled .

His first publication was Devon and Cornwall 1830 there followed numerous pictorial studies of other English Counties and abroad


 PRICES Each print is cleaned pressed and coloured lightly in the period manner and mounted (matted ) with a top colour  of your choice with a  gold slip or a slip colour of your choice and backed by a third board so the completed mounted print is suitable to be put straight into a frame  The size of mount is 70 mm wide or as directed                                           PRICES  will range from 18 for the "house views" to 35 for the major "town views" Castles and Churches 25 Distant country views 15


NOTE All images on this site have been overprinted with John Maggs If you require an image without the copyright we can e mail at 450 pixels longest side jpg at 100% price per image 4 payment via paypal



Restormel Castle

AL Cwl 2


Dolcoath Copper Mine Camborne

AL Cwl 3


Trelowarren Nr Helston

AL Cwl 4

St Mawes Castle

AL Cwl 5


Mousehole and Mounts Bay

AL Cwl 6

Bodinnoc Ferry Fowey

AL Cwl 7


AL Cwl 8

Tehiddy House

AL Cwl 9

Truro Church

AL Cwl 10

Sharrow Grott Whitsand Bay

AL Cwl 11

Trewarthenick House

AL Cwl 12

Cape Cornwall

AL Cwl 13

Launceston Castle

AL Cwl 14

East and West Looe

AL Cwl 15

Morwell River Tamar

AL Cwl 16

Launceston Church

AL Cwl 17

Tintagell Castle

AL Cwl 18

Waterfall Nr Boscastle

AL Cwl 19

Treryn Casle

AL Cwl 20


AL Cwl 21

Pentille Castle

AL Cwl 22

Cotele House

AL Cwl 23


AL Cwl 24


AL Cwl 25

Trematon Castle

AL Cwl 26

Port Eliot

AL Cwl 27


AL Cwl 28


AL Cwl 29


AL Cwl 30


AL Cwl 31

Place House Padstow 

AL Cwl 32

St St Mawgan Church

AL Cwl 33

St Michaels Mount

AL Cwl 34

Penrose Looe Pool Helston

AL Cwl 35

Carclase Tin Mine Nr Helston

AL Cwl 36

Place House Fowey

AL Cwl 37

Fowey Harbour and St Saviours Chapel

AL Cwl 38

Penryn with colours


AL Cwl 43

Example No 38 mounted

AL Cwl 39

St Knightons Kiev Nr Boscastle

AL Cwl 40

Probus Church 

AL Cwl 41

St Austel

AL Cwl 42